This weekend has been spent by Temple Island near Henley with 10 other Piper boats. The event is laid on to enable prospective boat buyers and people who are on the waiting list for a boat to view the different sizes, layouts, wood, colour schemes and gadgets. It also gave me the chance to pick the brains of other owners and the Piper team. A lovely weekend, so nice to hear of peoples many dreams. I don’t understand why I kept waking up with a headache! Attending this sort of event in so essential to the boat buying process. It was made even better having Ashley and Kirsty with me. After the event I moved closer to Henley which was fun. The moorings are very shallow and after 2 attempts I managed to get her close ish to the bank but facing downstream. Not ideal but there’s no current. Should be fun getting her off in the morning!!

Thanks to Ivan for taking the interior pictures below,  much better with a wide angle lens.


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