First Solo

After 3 nights in Marlow, the last one sober, it was time to visit my mooring in Windsor on my first trip solo human.


Life jackets on

Set off just before 9 and had a few minutes to wait at Marlow Lock for the keepers to set sorted. A little nervous but I ended up helping a plastic hire boat  to moor. They were drifting to the weir which took my mind of the first solo lock. Why did I worry, the training stood me in good stead, I may have been slow but it worked. The trip took 3 1/2 hours with a total of 5 locks to negotiate. At each lock I tried different rope positions until I felt comfortable. The hydraulic thrusters were a God send but I’ll get some short centre ropes just in case. The Lock Keepers were great, very complementary and always checked if I wanted help as they could see I was solo. Angela Dawn performed perfectly.  A few electronic issues, the bow camera needs replacing. Would have helped in one lock with a 2 man canoe in front, what was that noise! The WiFi Router has a problem so I’m writing this in the Boatman pub 20 feet from my base mooring in Windsor, Oh the hardship!!

One thought on “First Solo

  1. Fantastic stuff, Deano – I am very impressed (and more than a little jealous, of course).
    Wishing you all the very best in your early days of learning (and good luck with the headaches, of course!)
    Mr B


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