Building my Boat

My contract with Piper Boats is for a Dutch Style Barge 49M. This is an all steel 26 tonne craft 49ft / 14.9m long and 13ft 9in / 4.2m beam. 2 cabins, one permanent in the bow with the second cabin converted from a dinette. An additional 2 berth bed is available in the wheelhouse after converting the seating area.

The contract was signed in September 2015 with a completion date of June 2016. Because Pipers build so many of the basic shell the build process once started is fairly quick. Of course the more you stray from the basic design and add extras the longer it takes which slows the completion date of not only your boat but also those behind in the que. I’ve tried to stay as standard as possible but requested some additional equipment  to be included to help me when solo. The build has already slipped slightly due to unforeseen repairs Piper had to do to past customers craft. Initially frustrating but then one day I may need their help.

So work began in April

She is very quickly beginning to take shape.

More to follow in the blog…….