Launch of Angela Dawn



Yesterday morning my boat Angela Dawn was successfully launched into the Thames marking the start of a new and exciting life. It was quite a sight to see the guys maneuver almost 30 ton of boat around by remote control. The launch from truck to water took around 30 minutes. Once in the water the team from Piper Boats has several checks to complete. A few drips were noticed by the weed hatch so they lifted her out and a welder from Stoke turned up to make her watertight. Ballast (bricks) were inserted to level her out. It took several hours for the work to be completed. Kirsty and I unloaded a van I’d hired and began moving in. I did consider at one point that maybe I’d need a bigger boat!

Tom from Pipers took Angela Dawn the short distance to the visitor mooring at the Thames and Kennet marina near Reading. Unpacking in sweltering heat was not particularly fun but we were amazed at the number of cupboards, drawers and cubby holes that swallowed up my worldly belongings. While we were doing that more checks tooks place. After a very long day it was time for a takeaway and beer. First night on Angela Dawn was lovely, the boat is beautifully finished and quite roomy. Our ever changing garden is fabulous, as I brushed my teeth this morning and through the porthole a swan escorted her signets past.

Today more unpacking, collect Nutty, some very enjoyable chilling and starting to learn how to work the many new toys on board. Tomorrow the guys from Pipers will go with us to Henley and go through the boat handling, I can’t wait.

The cabins are far from organised but what’s the rush?


Nutty looking fed up at yet another move!

This weekend Ashley joins us and we’re joining 10 other Piper Dutch barges for Pipers annual get together. It’s an opportunity for prospective new buyers to look around the boats. I’m looking forward to meeting my fellow boaters and picking up plenty of advice and tips.

Thank you to all the team at Piper Boats, a magnificent job, she was worth the wait. I look forward to see family and friends onboard soon.

I’m certain Ange would approve. I just wish she was with me.

More at the weekend from Henley and I’ll try and workout how to do a video tour of the inside. Cheers Dean xx

2 thoughts on “Launch of Angela Dawn

  1. Hi Dean, very much looking forward to seeing Angela Dawn at the weekend, we are having a 49M 2 cabin version too, build due to start in a few weeks. Do you mind me asking as to when your steelwork was started? Just want to get a feel of the timescale.

    Tim Cadle.


    1. Hello Tim, it was late Feb/Mar my completion date on the contract was June! They were very over optimistic with the dates and had a few issues with other boats which delayed mine. Ideally I think they say 4-5 months. We’ve just arrived at Henley. Be a pleasure to show you round, she’s lovely.
      Regards Dean


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