Boat update 12th Aug

The Boat is just 2 weeks from her current expected completion date. The team at Pipers are working hard on every area. While walking on her I have to tread carefully with pipes, wires and tools everywhere but I can see things coming together now. The outside is starting to look like the finished article, radar attached and yet to go on top is the mast with aerials, TV satellite dish and solar panels.

I registered her with the Maritime Coastguard agency who issue a number and place her on the Small Ship Register. The 6 digit number has to be painted on the wheelhouse. Insurance is organised and the waterways licence has been applied for with the Environment Agency.

Piper shuts down for the last week of August so my snagging trial in the car park will take place the following week with launch possibly the second week of September if no problems are found. The boat is moved by flatbed truck. Being 14’6″ wide it’ll need an escort and they move the boats overnight to reduce chaos on the roads.


Not long now

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