6 Months Afloat, a view through the round window.

img_14136 months since the launch of Angela Dawn and the time has flown. My luck with the weather continues, I’m sat on the back deck in glorious sunshine beer in hand (Fleece on!). As the forecast remains good I’ve moved downstream to Hampton Court for the weekend moving to Teddington Lock Monday and a maybe little look on the tidal Thames.

I love moving about meeting boaters, listening to their stories and advice. There’s some amazing characters on the water! I find it interesting how the boats and homes on the Thames changes along its length. Windsor upstream to the west has pretty, quaint, expensive villages and towns. Boats are mostly white sea going cruisers and elegant highly varnished day motor boats. The majority in marinas for the winter. The only boats moving through the winter seem to be narrowboats and Dutch barges. East and downstream of Windsor the towns become much more urbanised, the river widens, locks are significantly larger taking an age to transit on self service. Permanently moored houseboats are common, the dominance of boats is now Dutch barges many 3 times the size of Angela Dawn and narrowboats. Many more liveaboard boaters. Wherever you go there’s never any shortage of rowers which is probably why Great Britain leads the sport at the Olympics.

Sunday and I’m having breakfast in the wheelhouse whilst runners in the Hampton Court Half Marathon go past. It’s exhausting to watch I just wish I was fit enough!!

For those interested in statistics and the cost of boating on the Thames here’s the figures since launch 6 months ago;

Cruised 430 miles back and forth between Abingdon and Hampton Court.

Through the locks 142 times.

Used 2 x 13kg Propane Gas bottles for cooking costing around £28 each.

The Engine has run for 118 hours and the generator for 295 hours. This has cost £935 in diesel fuel some of which has also been used for the diesel stove.


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