Winter living

Happy New Year to all our readers, the weather in 2016 has been kind and hopefully will continue into 2017. Some frosty nights but thankfully little rain which can be frustrating not only for river conditions but also a very muddy dog! I continue to move between Windsor and Marlow at times the only power boat moving on the river. Even on the very coldest of days though there’s still hardy rowers about.

Christmas was lovely with my family, I moved the boat 10 feet forward of my Windsor mooring to some steps belonging to one of the river cruise companies. They’re not using them at the moment and it meant Mum and Dad could board easily. Ashley and Kirsty stayed aboard whilst Mum and Dad stayed in town. Cooking Christmas dinner on Angela Dawn was easy with my full size oven although the washing up had to be done in stages. The beer and wine cellar’s been seriously depleted and thanks to Mark for running me up to the Marlow brewery to stock up, priorities!

On the 30th I wanted to move up to Marlow for a New Year’s Eve party. Friends Mark and Christina joined me for the trip.  The fog was far from ideal, after an hours wait it lifted slightly so I decided to give it a go. Navigation and steaming lights on Angela Dawn looked like a Christmas Tree glowing in the fog. I put the radar on at 50 -75 meter range which gave me a clear picture of the river banks and slightly ahead. Keeping the speed low we gradually made our way. The radar was excellent on occasion the banks were obscured but clear as a bell on the radar. Apart from a few canoeists the only other boats we met were at Bourne End, 4 unlit black narrowboats rafted as 2 pairs crept out of the mist. When they spotted me they flashed their only front light as a warning, which I acknowledged. They painted well on radar. Crewed by a group of young people who liveaboard they’re now moored at Windsor trying to get to London unaware of the lock closure at Old Windsor. Only 2 of the 4 boats have working engines. Quite an adventure for them.

I’m looking forward to the spring, exploring further east towards London and the tidal Thames. Lots more to learn and experience yet.

2 thoughts on “Winter living

    1. Ey up Mother, happy New Year to you all too. How’s the work going, are you SATCO yet? Bit soggy on the river bank but still lovely gently swaying counteracts The hangovers!


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