In the last couple of weeks I’ve moved from my mooring at Windsor to Abingdon and back again 59 miles, 19 locks each way. The weather  by and large has remained lovely with the odd shower. It took around 4 days each way cruising. I could certainly have walked it faster! The views are stunning, I’ve seen 2 Kingfishers but the little blighters moves too fast for me to get a photo. Last week I met up with engineers from the boat builder to rectify a couple of issues. Now I have a working bow camera which helps me get up close in the locks and hopefully spare those in smaller craft from being crushed by 30 tons!

I’m just loving life on Angela Dawn. It is incredibly comfortable and the pace is slow. The central heating or oil stove keep the boat toasty warm on those chilly nights and early mornings. When moored up and in the wheelhouse I get no end of questions from passers by. Once below though I’m in my personal apartment that gently rocks every now and then. Nutty loves it when we’re by a park, huge garden with endless squirrels to harass.

Abingdon was great, I met up with a group of ex RAF Fighter Controllers for our biannual liver abuse and intake of toxic curry. Mum and Dad came down  and stayed the night, it was lovely to show them the completed dream.

I’ll cruise as long  as the weather and river conditions allow probably exploring east to Teddington. Starting in November there’s a handful of lock closures through the winter to enable maintenance to be completed. Most last for 6 weeks so I’ll have to keep close attention to that.

2 thoughts on “Abingdon

  1. Dean, I envy you – it’s something I have thought long and hard about – initially a narrow-boat but increasingly a replica Dutch Barge and take it across the Channel and into the Canal du Midi. I enjoy your updates – they just whet my appetite even more; maybe its time to sell the barn and buy something a bit smaller and easier to leave for 6 months – and of course visit Pipers! Stay safe. Wilks


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