Views on the river

Today we move back upstream to Marlow, 3 hours and 5 locks. Pumped out the black water tank at the first lock, Boveney. It was far from full but just wanted to see how it worked. The EA charge £10 it can be double at a marina. In theory I could go for at least a month between pump outs, I don’t think so! Sorry if you’re eating. The rivers quite quiet for boat traffic many of the pleasure boats winterised. The weather turned and for much of the trip it rained but still plenty to see and cosy warm in the wheelhouse.


2 thoughts on “Views on the river

    1. Hi Jon, for now I’m just going up and down the non tidal Thames. That’s from Teddington to Oxford. Sometime over the winter I’ll do a 2 week day skippers course on tidal water. I’d like to take the boat all the way to the sea and play in the estuary. After that who knows maybe Europe or round the coast and do the Trent. I’m certainly loving it so far. Hope you’re all well? Cheers


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