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Here’s my first attempt at a blog / web page, simple they say! Haha, luckily only the dog hears my swearing. Anyway welcome to Deans Boat. If you’re interested in the history and background to my future nautical life please click on the links at the top left of this page. I’ll routinely publish updates to the boats build progress and once she’s in the water let you know how life afloat is working out and where I am. Please feel free to comment ask questions. Regards Dean



8 thoughts on “Blog post

  1. That’s a really big sturdy unit!……The barge is quite large too. ( Pot To Kettle, over…….)
    Looks great mate!
    All the best

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  2. Welcome to the blogging world matey, if you need any help just ask. And my dad lives on the Thames, near Reading, so can probably help if you need anything. His boat is out of the water at the moment having a facelift 🙂 Cheers Tony


    1. Cheers Tony, I will ask if I get stuck with the blog. Also thanks for the details about your Dad. The boat’s going to be launched at Reading marina so I may meet him. Regards Dean


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